About Us | Sioux Falls Lacrosse Association

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Sioux Falls Lacrosse is a part of the Lacrosse Development Corporation.  The Lacrosse Development Corporation was created to manage the on-field activities associated with lacrosse including coaching, scheduling of practices and games, travel team selection, player development, and lacrosse development.

The Sioux Falls Lacrosse Booster Club is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3)corporation established for the goal of raising funds and awareness for the sport of lacrosse in Sioux Falls.  Through the Booster Club, we intend to hold events to promote lacrosse and raise money to support the sport, subsidize player fees, offer player scholarships, and academic scholarships for college-bound students.


Our mission is to grow the sport of lacrosse in the Sioux Falls area by providing a fun and exciting learning environment for the sport with competitive games for all ages that teach kids the benefits of fair play and sportsmanship.